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The Intersection of Arts and Ecology: An Exhibition 

Date and Time: Monday 22 March - Friday 26 March

Place: IHEID Salon Davis, Maison de la Paix, Chemin Eugène-Rigot 2A, 1202 Genève

Guest(s): Young artists from across Geneva and around Switzerland

IHEID Student Event Lead(s): Ryan Maia, Aloïs Hoyez

Description: Art is a unique, powerful tool for sparking discussion and catalyzing solutions.  It speaks across language barriers, provokes reactions and reflection, and translates complicated subject matters into a digestible form. When addressing challenges as ambitious as sustainability and climate action, art plays a critical role in mobilizing action.


The aims of this exhibition are to A) Provide a space and platform for eco-activist artists to promote their talents and perspective, and B) Generate conversation about the eco-art showcase and the environmental challenges/solutions/perspectives it depicts.


We will host a weeklong exhibition of art contributions in IHEID’s Salon Davis. Come join us in person!

We will also host a web gallery featuring all the pieces.

Experience the Virtual Exhibition here!

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