Mardi / Tuesday 10.03: entreprises et initiatives durables / sustainable businesses and initiatives

Panel on « sustainable businesses » (EN)

12h30 – 14h, A2 (IHEID Petal 1)


Laurent Maeder, Circular Economy Transition / Impact Hub

Raphaël Dard, International Trade Centre (ITC)

Alexandre Le Thiec, Le Thiec ASD

World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) (TBC)


Prof. Gilles Carbonnier, International Economics at the Graduate Institute of Geneva, Faculty Associate at Centre on Conflict, Development & Peacebuilding, Vice-President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)

Description: What is the role of business for sustainable growth? The rising trend of “greening of business” suggests how firms can contribute to the transition to a circular economy. But what is their real motivation? Can innovation and entrepreneurs bring solutions to global challenges? We aim to bring together different actors in the ecosystem ranging from local entrepreneur to business specialist and international organization to discuss the role and the future of business for sustainable development. Networking event with the panelists to be followed.

Networking event: a coffee with the panelists (EN)

14h15 – 15h, Cafeteria IHEID

Description: This networking event organized by IHEID’s career services is a unique opportunity for students to sit next to professionals in the environmental/sustainability field, share a coffee and exchange career-related topics in a more informal setting. During this event, students will be split into groups of approx. 10 and sit at a table with a professional from Impact Hub, Le Thiec ASD, the International Trade Centre or the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, (to be confirmed) who participate in the panel discussion on Sustainable Business organized prior to the networking event. As the number of participants is limited, registration is mandatory and allocation on a first come first served basis. Click on IHEID registration or UNIGE/other university registration to book your seat and do not hesitate to contact for any question related to this event.

IHEID registration

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Atelier: Introduction à la gestion de projet (FR)

12h15 – 14h, M2193 (Uni-Mail, UNIGE)

Organisateur : JINX !

Description : Durant cet atelier, les participant-e-s se familiarisent au concept de la gestion de projets. Au travers des différentes activités, les participant-e-s travaillent sur leurs idées et préoccupations personnelles en y appliquant des techniques de gestion de projet. Après cet atelier les participant-e-s sauront :

  • Ce qu'est un projet

  • Distinguer les différents types de projets

  • Identifier les différentes phases d'un projet

  • Obtenir une vision d'ensemble de leur projet

  • Établir une structure de découpage de leur projet en différentes étapes (WBS)

  • Identifier et reconnaître les acteurs impliqués dans leur projet

Inscription, 58 places

Workshop: Circular Economy and Business Model (EN)

16h30 – 18h, S4 (IHEID Petal 2)


Speaker: Laurent Maeder, Impact Hub Geneva

Organiser: Center for Student Entrepreneurship 

Description: You are interested to know more about circular economy? You want to learn how businesses can adopt sustainable practices based on this principle? Or maybe you have innovative ideas in mind, but you need hints to turn them into something concrete? This workshop, organized by the Center for Student Entrepreneurship and given my Laurent Maeder (Circular Economy Business Lab Lead at Impact Hub Geneva), will demystify all these questions by presenting how to create business models from circular economy standards.

Registration, 40 places